Fly free, dear Cora!

I promised my next article would be about something else, make-up related. But as life is full of surprises, and not all of them are pleasant, this will be on a different topic.

Today i said goodbye to my beloved Cora.
She was an 8/9 year old bull terrier. I adopted her one year ago and found out she was used as a bait. For dog fights.
Maybe you’ll ask what that means.

In dog fights, in order to get the males angry and agitated, they first enter a dog who they can attack before the real fight. And as my Cora hasn’t had a single aggresive bone in her body, she was only suited for this “job”.
Yes. Romania. (But also other countries)

She had marks all over her body but mostly on her face. In september 2016 she found out what a warm bed and a house full of love feels like. And she never looked back.

She loved everyone, dog, human, cat as if they were the most precious beings on earth. She cleaned everyone for hours and she was the most grateful dog i have ever had and met.

Saturday we found out she has renal failure and yesterday(monday), an ultrasound showed a big tumor on her liver.
I took the decision to take her out of the clinic and come to our little cabin in the mountains to spend one last day together.

In the morning i put her to sleep myself, in the sun, on the grass, after a walk and several hugs and kisses…and tears.
I must admit it’s one of the hardest things i’ve done.

She was with us for only one year (although it felt like she was part of the family for years) but i really hope we made it the best year of her life.

I know we always tend to appreciate things and beings more after we lose them, and as i’ve had to let go lots of rescued dogs, none of them was my own until now. I now understand the imense pain for a gentle soul who only showed love to everyone who came her way.

Although the pain is tremendous and she will be terribly missed , i want to encourage all of you who are thinking of getting a dog, to consider saving a senior. They are the ones who have the smallest chances of adoption and most of them never know what love truly is.

A senior dog will rarely tear up the house or pee inside.
A senior dog isn’t as active as a puppy so it can be perfect for the ones who work a lot but have 20 minutes for a walk in the evening.
A senior dog is calmer and wiser than a young dog.
A senior dog appreciates a warm place to sleep and doesn’t require a lot of special care (unless health issues occur).
A senior dog deserves his last months/years to be filled with love after a life in a shelter or abusement.

2017 marks my 5th year in animal welfare, in volunteering, saving, rehoming, neutering and all in all CARING and doing something in this matter.
With Cora’s passing i promised myself i will only adopt old dogs from now on because every one of them needs a chance and not very many offer it.

Cora, thank you for an amazing year, i hope someday we’ll meet again.
Momma loves you forever❤️

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