Mountain trip essentials

The last blog post i wrote was about my escapades at my small cabin in the Baisoara Mountains and as i have returned for a few days, i thought i’d show my essentials bag.

Because i take a break from make-up and mostly even skincare itself, i do make sure i have moisturizer on me and i start with my hands. the hand cream i’m finishing up at the moment is the Marc Cain one. It has a very gentle smell and it’s not greasy nor sticky, things which i look for, in a hand cream.

*i think it was a limited edition as i cannot find a link for those interested 🙁


This chapter is a difficult one as i am transitioning to a cruelty free lifestyle and i’m having a hard time finding a good and natural deodorant. I brought the simple Ice Crystal deodorant with me, which is basically mineral salt in a stick. It has no smell, it’s 100% natural and it does the job pretty good if you’re not a very sweaty person 😀 . I pretty much am, so i’m looking for better versions without the harm of animal testing 🙂

*you can find it in DM


This little dude is a great helper with my allergies(cats, dust, pollen). HayMax (i have the lavender one) is an organic, drug-free pollen barrier. If allergies appear, you can apply a small amount at the base of your nostrils after sneezing. *you can find it in Sensiblu


I try to be pretty careful with applying spf, that’s why i brought a face one of 30. I’ts pretty good, although it’s pretty small and not quite cheap. I will not be repurchasing as Biotherm is not cruelty free. So leave your recommendations in the comments 🙂 *bought from Sephora


One  of the face moisturisers i use at the moment is from Prisaca Transilvania (a natural and very light one) called Sanzaiana which i use by night(i bought it from a market with all natural things if i am not mistaking). i use it mainly when my skin is a bit tired and sensitive as it has no perfumes and only natural ingredients.

 The Ordinary  cream which i love and use pretty regularly has a lovely delicate smell and it’s a bit thicker in consistency without leaving my face greasy. I enjoy this brand as it is cruelty free and i will be repurchasing for sure. *i received it in a #lookfantastic subscription box.


Stress check- Breathe in-  from ThisWorks. Love love love

Such an interesting little roll on for those busy moments or stressful days. Not that my days are stressful here, quite the contrary, but i always keep this baby by my side because 99% of the time i am a stressed mess. The ones who know me, will agree:)) It’s said to be applied onto pulse points and breathe deeply. *from #lookfantastic as well.


I will never have an essentials list without a perfume. Even if i’ll be going in a deserted place where no one can smell me. I am a perfume addict and i am not afraid to say it. The big issue is that the majority of the perfumes are not from cruelty free brands so i will be struggling in this area as well. The perfume i chose to bring is a very dear and repurchased one. Jesus del Pozo – Halloween . whoever owns it, knows why  🙂 fresh, clean and crisp.

*bought from


A body cream never hurt anyone although i have no shower here :)) I always need at least a small little baby size body cream with me. The Body Shop’s Moringa is a body milk and fits perfectly in the hot summer days. *you can find it on TheBodyShop sites or Iulius mall if you are in Cluj

And last but certainly not least, is a hand sanitiser from Bath and body works. This one is the Champagne Sparkle but to be honest i own almost every one of them and i got addicted really fast. i have one in the car, in every bag, in my bedroom and at the studio.  Always comes in handy 😀

*you can find it on

What do you use and take with you on a short trip where no make-up is needed? leave your suggestions in the comments below.

And please please try to buy cruelty free stuff as much as you can, no animals should get harmed for our products.