This is my happy place.

 I created it for me. And YOU.

And if you’re nuts enough to go from…

watching cute dogs on the internet to rescueing serious abusive cases…

 seeking happiness and positivity by procrastinating some days and watching youtube/series all day

reading odd self improvement books while lighting a sh*t ton of scented candles

searching for the perfect, healthy,cruelty free and vegan options for everything while munching on a veggie burger

 teaching dog grooming on weekdays;  reviewing and doing make-up on weekends

 dog rescue-ing and partying on the same day

 thinking that life’s too short to keep in mind what others “know” is best for you


and just enjoying every day as it comes whilst foolishly believing the world will gradually become a better place…

this is the place for you.

our place. meet you when you’re here.



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